First Week

Our first week back at Weekday Preschool has been a very successful one! There were so few tears that our church custodian wasn’t sure that we actually had started back yet. We have a wonderful group so far this year. Both Staff and Students alike, we are excited to grow and learn together this year.

Our first week trying the shared snack time was a roaring success, having bigger kids willing to try new foods made our youngest learners eager to give us at least a “no thank you” bite to try something they hadn’t before. It is also a nice opportunity for students whose sibling may be in another class to get to see their brother or sister during the day. (helping our smaller students deal with what little separation anxiety there has been a bit more easily.)

We were lucky enough to have fair weather during school hours this week. We got to go to the park a few times and our Wednesday Toddlers got to express themselves with some sidewalk chalk art. PreK class got to go out and make nature observations as well.

We are excited to continue building the foundation relationships which will help us to encourage your child to reach their preschool goals.


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