Pre K

Pre K is a wonderful chance for exploration for your little learner. Our Pre K class’ day begins at the front door, where they wait together for all of their classmates to arrive. As they come in they will choose a way to greet Ms. Mary (High five, fist bump, hug, dance or wave). This is a great way to instill in the kids that we respect the body boundaries they set. Once the whole class has arrived we travel together to our “tree house” classroom on the second floor. The children are given time to play, as well as one on one or small group time with the teacher to help build letter awareness, math skills, etc. The children work as a community to maintain responsibility for their space, they are expected to keep the classroom picked up, and safe to learn in, through rules which they have a part in creating. The children usually get some time outside(weather permitting) for nature exploration as well as for large motor play. The students participate in music time several days a week and are provided with a healthy snack everyday.

This year Ms Mary is returning as Lead Teacher of this class and has been thinking of new and exciting ways to bring science & nature, art and letters together for our oldest educational explorers.

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